A Jesus loving, Father/Husband combo, Boone, NC based Commercial and Humanitarian Photographer with 16 years experience in 65+ countries with over 120 international assignments specializing in photo and video storytelling around the world and at home. Oh! Should also mention has a severe coffee addiction.

I love still images. They make the viewer stop, reflect, and partake of the image without the distraction (and sometimes chaos!) of what actually happened in and around the scene. I feel it's my job as a humanitarian photographer to accurately report two sides of the human condition. The needful-sometimes desperate-side, and the selfless giving side. If I've done that and invoked compassionate action from the viewer, I've done my job well! As a commercial photographer, the client's needs are my needs.  I aim to deliver a product above expectation that is in line with the clients vision while expanding it with my own creative vision.

What's your story? How can I help?

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